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How did we find the right talent?

I have been running a marketing agency since 2009 with two friends. Even though there were plenty of job seekers out there, they were drawn to the larger firms.

We had a hard time hiring developers and it was impossible to find marketing consultants with the right background and hiring expectations.

We had job postings out there, but nobody seemed to be applying. So, we decided to revamp our strategy and try some new techniques to draw in the best candidates.

First, we focused on creating an appealing company culture. We made sure our values were clearly communicated and that our employees felt happy and fulfilled at work. This not only helped with retention, but also made our company more attractive to potential hires.

Next, we updated our job descriptions to be more engaging and descriptive. We included information about what it's like to work for our company and the benefits of the position. We also added some personality to the descriptions, using more casual language to make them more relatable and fun, with the help of this guide.

We started using social media to our advantage, creating a presence on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. We shared behind-the-scenes glimpses into our company culture, highlighted employee achievements, and even posted some silly memes to show our personality. This helped us build a following and attract more attention to our job postings which are shown here.

We also started utilizing employee referrals as a way to find new talent. We encouraged our current employees to refer friends and family who they thought would be a good fit for our company. To sweeten the deal, we offered bonuses to employees whose referrals were hired.

Lastly, we made sure to showcase our commitment to diversity and inclusion. We updated our job postings using this tool to emphasize our desire for a diverse pool of candidates and made sure that our hiring process was fair and equitable.

Overall, our efforts paid off. We started seeing more qualified candidates applying for our open positions and even had some top talent reaching out to us directly. By focusing on creating an appealing company culture, updating our job postings, utilizing social media, encouraging employee referrals, and emphasizing diversity and inclusion, we were able to attract the best candidates and build a stronger team, growing from three people to a family of 10.

We used some of the employer guides from here.


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